The Perfect Cosmetics Company

I was given some products from The Perfect Cosmetics Copany the other day. They are known for the eye creme My Perfect Eyes that erases wrinkles, lines, bags and darkness under the eyes. It’s a temporary treatment, but it workes within half an hour and lasts for hours. I saw it been tested and I was impressed, lines and bags do disappear in minutes. I’m not gonna try this myself, as I don’t have any lines and wrinkles, it’s more for anti aging.

In my package I also got collagen pills and a night creme, all anti aging. So this will be a perfect gift for someone with more mature skin.

I will keep the facial brush for cleansing for myself, I’ve wanted to try one of those for a while, to see if the hype about them are as good as they make it sound.



In Your Dreams have finally introducing their new, first BIO-GLITTER! I’m so excited about this as this new technology is fully eco-friendly biodegradable while giving you the same quality shimmer as their standard glitters. It’s still cosmetically safe for use on your face, body, nails and hair. As this is a new technology, you can’t make all different colours biodegradable YET, but I see a bright future of more colours and shapes of glitter to come.

Sorry for boring website pictures but I’m still in Sweden and haven’t had a chance to photograph them nicely yet!

You get the stack for only £7 at their website



Lip Art: Lakrits

This lip looks like it has a salt licorice and raspberry flavour to it. I think I’m gonna start bringing in different sweets in to my lip shoots as well. Need to have a stroll in a sweet shop. I’m quite inspired at the moment, mostly to use props, or recreate different items into make up. I think it is because I’ve been away from home and seen nature and different places.

I did this one so long ago, I can’t remember what I used.



Perfume Recomendations

I love perfumes, but at the moment I just walk around smelling on the same ones all the time. It’s become a routine, when I’m in a perfume hall I always smell the ones I already have instead of finding new ones. I really don’t understand why I do that. Haha

I need inspiration of new perfumes. The one I have on a every day basis at the moment is Flowerbomb from Victor and Rolf, and I really like it, but feel like I want to grow up a bit and find a more mature sent. Any suggestions?