Deliciously Ella’s Rose, Lime and Cucumber Facial Wash

I’ve been using this face cleanser for a month now and it’s time to get a little review together. Neal’s Yard collaborated with Delisciously Ella to bring out this wash, it is all organic and smells really fresh. I would take my eye makeup off before using this wash as it doesn’t take off harder make up. It’s meant to give your face a glow, which I didn’t really notice, but I find it hard to notice things like that when it comes slowly. I like it over all, it does the job and I like the fact it’s all organic, but it would not be my first choice to buy again.


The wash is £16.00 and available on Neal’s Yard website.

July to December 2016

I know I’m a little bit late on the whole Blog thing, but I really like it already. Here’s now a little recap from my latest look that I’ve been working on during 2016. All my looks from 2016 is on my instagram




Daniel Sanders Intense Volume Pro Mascara

I’ve tried out Daniel Sanders Intense Volume Pro Mascara, and LOVE it! The brush is flat and narrow on one side and round and wide on the other, so this mascara will do anything you want a mascara to do. It separates the lashes, as well as it gives them great volume and length. The color is a very intense black that will make your lashes look thicker. After wearing it all day it hasn’t flaked or smudged at all, even though it’s not waterproofed it stays through a lot.

The mascara is £18.50 and you could buy it here –>


Here’s my eye without mascara, then one coat on and the last picture with two coats.


Kryolan High Gloss

I’m not wearing much lipgloss myself, but i love them on photo, when it all looks like vinyl and you can’t see the lipprint (like fingerprints but on the lips)

So here’s five of Kryolans High Gloss in colours Gold, Indian Summer, Magnolia and First Kiss and Bronze.


I really like Bronze and Indian Summer, because they have a lot of pigment and cover properly. You would defenetley need a lipstick under the Gold, cause it won’t  get even on its own. I would personally also have something under Magnolia and First Kiss as well as I like a lot of color on my lips.

The lipglosses are £14.80 and you could get them here –>


January to July 2016

Here’s a walk down the memory lane of the first half of 2016.

These four photos are inspired by different artists.

  1. Pat McGrath for
  2. Val Garland (in a magazine, but cant remember which one)
  3. Pat McGrath for MM6
  4. Prince Purple Rain Themed.


1. Peacock tears

2. Glam Fourtune Teller in Face Lace

3. Mostley details from In Your Dreams

4. Glam Punk with Products from Sleek


1. Detailed work with Acrylic colours

2. A look from the beginning of 2016 so don’t remember much about it.

3. Managed to look like I have fake lips on this one, have no idea how..

4. Grease paint from Make Up Forever