L’Oréal Colour Trophy

The other show Lans Team worked on at L’Oréal Colour Trouphy was the Expression of Coulor ! And it’s a show with a lot of salons showing together. For that show there was two different looks, one vibrant pop coloured eye and the other a wash of pastels on eyelids and brows.

All photos are from Lans Instagram





Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery

I’ve tried The Midnight Recovery Serum from Kiehl’s now, and I really really like it. The difference with a moisturiser and a serum is that a moisturiser moisture your skin from the top, while a serum moisture your skin from within.
This serum has slighter sent of lavender, witch is great before you go to sleep.
Every night I’ve used this I feel how nice and fresh my skin looks the next morning. I how my skin is more radiant and younger looking.

50 ml is £50.00


L’Oréal Colour Trophy

One or two weeks ago I worked on Lans make up team for L’Oréal Colour Trophy. So I was thinking we could take a look at the two shows I worked on, let’s start with Tony and Guy. That show was based on the four elements, Wind, Earth, Water and Fire. A few weeks before we worked on the back drop videos, and they are so beautiful, the whole show was very beautiful.

IMG_4022IMG_4024The above is Fire. And take a moment and look at the dresses !

IMG_4025 IMG_4033.PNGIMG_4026Water! Super wet and shiny, I think this one was my favorite!



IMG_4021And Grand Finale!

All photos are from Lans Instagram

Label M Dry Shampoo

I LOVE dry schampoo, I’m addicted to it! I have the softest hair, so when my hair is clean it’s like silk and I can’t do anything with it. So to get some texture in the hair I use dry shampoo, I also use texture spray every now and then, but sometimes I think it’s to heavy. So I pretty much use dry shampoo every day, when it’s clean – to get texture, and when it’s dirty I use it do clean it. T
This one from Label M is one of my favorite.


In Your Dreams at Selfridges!

In Your Dreams have a pop up store in Selfridges now until the 18th of June, it’s the only place where you can get the new collection from. You can also book in to get a bespoked festival look, perfect for summer parties, hen do or just to learn how to make the festival look yourself.

Here you can book in for a workshop! 

I will show you some of the new products from In Your Dreams in a few days!